Bruschetta with Truffle Cream Cheese

Preparation: 5 minutes / Cooking: 15 minutes / Serves 12 as canape / Vegetarian / Vegan


  • 1 ½ ft/ 45cm long baguette
  • 2tbs of Black Truffle Butter
  • 120g/4oz full fat cream cheese
  • 120g/5oz crème fraiche
  • 2 tsp of Minced Black Truffle


  1. Slice the baguette at a diagonal about ¾ inch/24mm thick, place in the oven on 180 C / 360 F for 12-15 minutes. Butter with Black Truffle Butter whilst hot.
  2. Mix together 120g/5oz of both crème fraiche and soft full fat cream cheese.
  3. Add two tsp of Minced Black Truffle and mix well spread onto freshly toasted baguette and serve.