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Buy Fresh Truffles direct from Italy

Our fresh truffles are hunted in Northern and Central Italy, cool packed and shipped immediately for optimum freshness. They are the finest fresh truffles available, delivered to any dinner party or restaurant anywhere within two or three days of being found. From our UK Offices in the Cotswolds, we have developed a range of absolutely stunning Truffle Oils.

Encouraged by this success we are now producing other products using the finest Italian Truffles, and other Artisan Cotswold ingredients. Our ever expanding range now includes Preserved Truffles, White and Black Truffle Butters, White Truffle Honey, Black Truffle Salt, Truffle Mustard and Dried Porcini mushrooms all of which you can buy online. We are the only company manufacturing Truffle products in the UK, and our products are becoming widely recognised throughout the UK restaurant scene and our Truffle Hunting gourmet weekends are going from strength to strength!

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