New Compostable Packaging!

We are pleased to announce that our Black Truffle Crisps and White Truffle & Lobster Crisps are now available in 100% compostable bags!

There are two ways that you can dispose of these bags:
  1. Home composting
  2. Industrial composting – Place in your food or garden waste bin if your local council accepts this.


Please place this packet in your normal domestic waste if you do not have a suitable composting option.


About our compostable packaging

Made using sustainable eucalyptus pulp, plant-based foil and biodegradable ink, these packets will biodegrade into water, CO2 and biomass in less than 26 weeks when composted at home, or less than 12 weeks when sent to an industrial composting facility via your council’s collection service.

If possible, please try not to dispose of these packets in your normal waste bin as they may not biodegrade if they end up in landfill!


How to compost

How to compost at home

It is so easy to compost at home and it can be done all year round.

  • You can either start a compost pile on bare earth or inside a Compost bin. If using a bin, try and position it on grass - if your compost bin is placed on paving, try to add a raised bed of soil onto the paving for the bin to stand on.
  • Lay some twigs or straw to start the pile, and then start adding your compostable waste to your bin/exposed compost heap in layers.
  • Turn the heap every couple of weeks to allow air to get into it! This is necessary for composting to occur. Try to keep it moist, either by allowing some rainwater to get into it or by adding water every few weeks!

For more information on composting and which items would be suitable to compost, please check out the useful sources below:

We are proud to be one of the very few companies in the UK to be using compostable and plastic free packaging for our snack bags.
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