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Our Fresh Truffles are hunted in Central and Northern Italy.  During the fresh truffle season we make preserved Truffle products with Italian Truffles by steeping them in the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

These products have powerful intense flavours, are extremely versatile, and can be used the year round.

Preserved Truffles In Stock

TruffleHunting-Day-Trips| Black-Truffle-&-Porcini-Salsa

Black Truffle & Porcini Salsa

T. Aestivum

Black Italian Truffles and Porcini Mushrooms, finely chopped and cooked in the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Long and powerful Truffle & Mushroom flavour, incredibly versatile.  Use to make sauces, canapes, finish fish, meat, vegetable or egg based dishes.

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From: £8.20

TruffleHunting-Day-Trips| Minced-Black-Truffle

Minced Black Truffle

T. Aestivum

Minced Black Italian Truffles cooked in the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Incredible flavour, use sparingly on Bruschetta, or Egg based dishes. Beat into Wild Mushroom Risotto to finish.  Mix with cream cheese to make amazing canapes !  This product is incredibly versatile.

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From: £12.05

TruffleHunting-Day-Trips| Black-Truffle-Carpaccio

Black Truffle Carpaccio

T. Aestivum

The finest slices of Italian Black Truffles, cooked in Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Again this product demonstrates superb depth and complexity of flavour.  This product combines great presentation opportunities with amazing rich and powerful truffle flavours.

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From: £13.15

TruffleHunting-Day-Trips| Carpaccio-and-Minced-Truffle-Set-(2-Jars)

Carpaccio and Minced Truffle Set (2 Jars)

Tuber Aestivum

One Jar of each of our highly rated Black Truffle Carpaccio and Minced Black Truffles.

Grade A Italian Truffles, cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Incredible flavour, with long shelf life, these products are a gourmets delight.

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From: £24.95

TruffleHunting-Day-Trips| WHOLE-BLACK-TRUFFLES-30-GRAMS


T. Aestivum

Black Italian Summer Truffles, washed and cooked whole in Truffle Juice.  Mild in flavour, these whole truffles look amazing and are designed to give any dish a wonderful presentation. They can be finely chopped to add texture, or sliced and placed on a finished dish.  

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From: £6.95